As a result of our listing in the Canadian Donors Guide, we received a very kind and generous donation from a new donor who found us in the guide. Having a presence in the Canadian Donors Guide is important to us, and it works!

Jane Sleep | Executive Director | Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity

Through a law firm, The Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation was thrilled to receive an unsolicited donation of a half a million dollars as a direct result of our descriptive listing in the Canadian Donor's Guide.

Jesse Helmer | Former Director, Communications & Development | Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation

The Canadian Donor's Guide is an essential first-line resource for lawyers and donors. It's a key advertising outlet for any charity that is serious about planned giving.

Malcolm Burrows | Head, Philanthropic Advisory Services | Scotia Private Client Group, Executive Office

There is no substitute for paper - physically seeing the various charities to choose from helps to make the tough decision choices real. They are not competitors, they are simply donors' choices. Although various computer listings are now available (including the Canadian Donor's Guide web site), there is no substitute for the Canadian Donor's Guide in my gift planning consulting practice.

Christopher JK Richardson, FCA | Charitable Gift Planning Consultant & Philanthropy Consultant, Vancouver, BC

When clients have philanthropic wishes but lack focus with respect to the appropriate recipients, I find that the Guide is a useful tool for them to review the opportunities which are are available and where to obtain further information.

Margaret H. Mason | Charitable Gift Planning Consultant & Philanthropy Consultant, Vancouver, BC

I contacted the lawyer involved in an estate that had provided a bequest to us of over $100,000. The lawyer said that when the donor was preparing her will she expressed a desire to leave bequests to charities but did not know which ones to designate. The lawyer gave her the Canadian Donor's Guide to look through without any coaching on his part. We were one of the beneficiaries she selected.

Kathy Mannas | (Former) Director, Gift Planning The British Columbia Lions Society for Children with Disabilities, Vancouver, BC

I use the Donor's Guide when I am preparing a will in which the testator leaves a charitable bequest. I have also lent my Donor's Guide to clients who are preparing wills so that they may canvass the possibilities for charitable bequests. This has often expanded the possibilities for charitable gifting for clients. Thank you for publishing this Guide. I find it a great resource.

Doris C. Bonora | Reynolds, Mirth, Richards & Farmer, Edmonton, Alta.

As a new public foundation, we rely on the Canadian Donors Guide to start our due diligence service for donors. It is the first place we turn to research qualified donees, understand their mandates and find the appropriate contact information. It is an invaluable research tool.

The Canadian Donors Guide is such a key research tool for us in our grantmaking services for donors, that we need more than one copy in the office. It is always in use.

J. Denise Castonguay | Executive Director | Canada Gives Toronto ON

As both a practicing lawyer and a community volunteer, I have found The Canadian Donor’s Guide to be the go to publication in the Canadian Philanthropic Industry. It is an invaluable tool in searching out potential donation sources as well as charitable gift opportunities. In addition, readers will find it the seminal guide for anyone wanting to have a career in the Canadian Philanthropic Industry.

Samuel Schwartz | Managing Partner, Toronto | DAVIS LLP

We have found that estate professionals often reference the Donor's Guide. We are proud to be a continuing partner with you.

Tony Lee | Director, Gift Planning | Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division

The Canadian Donors Guide is tremendously useful in providing the contact information I need. It sits open on my desk every day.

Simon Bramson | Flashpoint North Capital

The Canadian Donor's Guide is the first reference book that I refer to when a client wants to make a charitable bequest in a Will. It is extremely helpful in confirming the correct legal name of a charity. I have even given the book to clients to review when they are considering making a charitable bequest but they do not know which specific charity they want to name in their Will. The Guide continues to be a very useful resource in my practice.

Kary B. Hargreaves | Felesky Finn LLP, Edmonton, Alta.

I believe in Leave a Legacy and I think your Guide is one very easy way to help lawyers and their clients achieve what they want to do in a simple and expedient manner. This book alone is worth the price of my Bar Association fee.

Heather Ann Dixon | Pullan Kammerloch Frohlinger (PKF), Winnipeg, Man.

I use the Guide to find charities doing work in a particular area of activity or geographic location. I find the description of charitable activities and purpose to be helpful in determining which of several charities the Will-maker might prefer to benefit. The Guide is extremely useful for keeping track of address and name changes for charities.

Linda Fowler | Fowler Slade, London, Ont.

I used the Guide frequently through the year and sometimes left it with a client for several days to enable him or her to acquaint themselves with organizations to which they may wish to leave a bequest. On a number of occasions the use of the Guide resulted in a donation.

Jacob Hildebrand, Q.C. | Daniel and Partners, St. Catharines, Ont., Retired

Over the years, as a tax and estate planner, lawyer and consultant in planned giving, I have found the Canadian Donor's Guide to be a very useful reference tool. Major gifts came from donors as far as the West Coast. Professional advisors need to know quickly who you are and how to reach you. On several occasions major gifts were received because professional advisors were able to communicate quickly with key individuals at the respective charitable organizations.

Gaston E Bouchard LL.B. | Director of donor services and gift planning | Foundation of Greater Montreal, Montréal, Qué.

En tant qu'avocat, planificateur financier et conseiller en planification des dons, j'ai toujours trouvé que le Guide des Donateurs canadiens est un outil de recherche extrêmement important sur les organismes de bienfaisance. A plusieurs occasions nous avons reçu des dons majeurs de certains donateurs parce que mes confrères et consoeurs pouvaient communiquer rapidement avec la personne responsable du service en question.

Gaston E Bouchard LL.B. | Directeur des services aux donateurs et de la planification | Fondation du Grand Montréal, Montréal, Qué.

My firm for years relied upon the Canadian Donor's Guide to provide current, accurate contact information in relation to Canadian charities. It is an excellent, concise directory which enables us to assist our clients in planning their estates, it is our single most important charity identification resource.

Drew S. Gunsolus | Formerly Staples Swain & Gunsolus, Lindsay, Ont.