Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Canadian Donor's Guide been published?
The first Canadian Donor’s Guide, the annual reference book for donors and their advisors, was first produced in 1985. Anderson Charters of Charter Press Ltd in Orillia, Ontario, purchased the Guide in 2001 and published to 2017. Alison Stoneman of Inukshuk Enterprises, long time Associate Publisher, purchased the Guide from Charter Press in 2017 and will continue to publish on an annual basis. The first Digital Edition went live in 2007.
How is the Canadian Donor's Guide distributed?
Each June, the Canadian Donor’s Guide is personally addressed and distributed to over 17,200 key people who make decisions on bequests and major donations.
Is Canadian Donor's Guide available online?
Since 2007, the Canadian Donor’s Guide has provided a full digital edition.

Yes – you can find it here.